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Telescopic handlers

Telescopic handlers

Choose the transmission, the engine, the hydraulics and all the other options that best meet your requirements from the 53 models in the new telescopic handler range. Make the most of your machine at the highest levels thanks to the new continuous variation transmission. Reduce consumption by 20% and increase available power for your telescopic handler thanks to the new stage
IIIB Deutz engines with Common Rail technology. The new Queen cab is available on most of the range. It was designed to provide 20% more visibility and incomparable comfort. Thanks to the multi-function joystick and the 5” colour display, you will enjoy an ease of machine utilisation and control that you have never experienced for a telescopic handler. The exclusive hydraulic system with axial piston variable pump with Loadsensing control, together with the continuous variation transmission, will enable operators to operate the machine with a light touch, coupled with total
control and precision.

Small Range

The 6.26 telescopic handler is the most suitable model for rooms and work environments where space is at a premium. The 70 HP Yanmar engine provides all the power needed for handling operations.


The Compact range, thanks to its small dimensions (2230 mm height with 20” wheels and 2106 mm width) will allow you to work in narrow areas with extreme ease, reaching heights from 6 to 9 metres with a maximum load of 3000 kg.

Middle Range

Choose among the 24 configurations in this range ideal for medium/large agricultural companies seeking a ductile machine that, thanks to applied new technologies, ensures management savings and high performances.

Heavy Duty

The three new models in the Heavy Duty range, born for the agricultural, housing and construction sectors offer power, precision and control. Available in various transmission types with a maximum speed of 40 Km/h and four driving modes. Max lifting capacity from 5.5 to 7 tons and maximum height from 9 to 10 metres.

Big Range

Faresin's Big Range, thanks to front stabilisers and side levelling, is the ideal choice for all material handling operations in site areas. The structure of the boom built in two sections for a length of 14 metres or three sections for 17 metres is designed to ensure maximum functionality even in routine maintenance operations thanks to the external cylinder.